Sung Hyeon Hong, MLitt Fine Art Practice 2012


Most programmes require applicants to apply with a portfolio of work, without which the application will be considered incomplete.

Undergraduate ApplicantsSee our undergraduate application website for a guide to requirements

Postgraduate ApplicantsSee our website for individual programme portfolio, show reel, essay or other requirements.



Undergraduate ApplicantsWe would expect students to have passed their school leaving qualification. The usual achievement required is also to be ranked in the top 20% of students in the following exams:  The university entrance test which applies in all states; TER: Tertiary Entrance Rank; ATAR: Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank; TES:Tertiary Entrance Statement;  UAI: University Admissions Index ; OP: Overall Position in Queensland.

Postgraduate Applicants4 years (Honours) satisfies entrance requirements for Masters programmes.

Students with Ordinary degrees (3 years) with high grades (over 70%) or extensive relevant work experience may also be acceptable depending on the overall quality of the application.

English Language Requirements – Students from  Australia will have been instructed in English at school and university, and will be required to evidence their competency in English through their High School grades.


Undergraduate ApplicantsStudents will be expected to have obtained the University Entrance Certificate with NCEA Level 3 qualification with at least 2 courses at Merit or Excellent at Level 3 standard. Students will also need to have obtained at least 14 credits in Mathematics (where required) at Level 1. Students without sufficient credits to obtain the NCEA level 3, may need to have completed one year at university in New Zealand. New Zealand scholarship holders (level 4) will also be considered for entry.

Postgraduate Applicants – Students would need the same grades in a New Zealand degree as from a UK degree.

English Language Requirements – Students will need 14 Level 1 credits in English in in the NCEA qualification in order to satisfy English Language requirements

Please note: If your country’s academic requirements are not listed, contact our Student Records department at to request them